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Welcome to our News page.

Happy new year to everyone. This year at Belmont House brings a continuation of our redecorating programme. Before the end of 2019 we managed to redecorate through our lounges and we now have a solid roof on the conservatory. This will ensure that the conservatory remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The conservatory is now used as our dining room which is loved by everyone. The decorating will continue through the hallways. As some of you may be aware we had our long awaited CQC inspection last year. We lodged a complaint to CQC regarding the conduct of the two officers attending the home due to their actions on the day. A first in twenty years. Please feel free to contact the Manager if you wish to know further information on this when making an enquiry for a room. Christmas was enjoyed by everyone where on boxing day a family member and staff enjoyed a selection of fun and games. Let’s hope the spring brings plenty of sunshine so we can go out and enjoy our lovely garden.