Let's have some fun...

A variety of activities takes place at Belmont House such as interacting with our white board where we can write down all our thoughts and memories of time gone by.

Bingo is a favourite and a bit of fun. Regular exercise to music trying a musical instrument or our fit bands helps to keep those joints and muscles supple. Why not exercise using our pedals which can be done from the comfort of your arm chair.

For those enjoying arts and crafts we have paints and craft items which can be brought to your table and then display for all to see or keep private in your room. Maybe choose a game of connect four or a board game of choice.

You may prefer a little pamper manicure. Every two weeks we have visiting entertainers who will serenade you with their singing and bring enjoyment listening to the beautiful harp.

Trips out and about can be arranged weather permitting.


We have a visiting hairdresser twice a week providing a great look at a great price. Our chiropodist’s visits every six weeks where they provide excellent care in the privacy of your own room.Communion can be taken once a month by our visitors from the local parish.


At present some activities have been affected by the Government guidelines such as activity visitors to the home. These will be resumed as soon as restrictions are lifted. We continue to carry out other activities on a daily basis.